Project Leader for renewable polyurethane foam

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Project Leader for renewable polyurethane foam

Material Innovation & Development, Purchasing Development

This is Purchasing Development

In Purchasing Development we are organised in categories based on the materials and functions we work with. The category assignment is to lead Purchasing based on a common agenda created in one common business plan. The categories develop the plans as well as execute them in various business development teams. A Category is a group of articles sharing same materials, production techniques, and/or supplier base. Each category is led by a Category Manager and it consists of number of Business Development teams based around the world, in order to be close to our suppliers.

Material Innovation & Development

Within Material Innovation & Development, we are organized under material innovation areas where in Polymers is one of them, an area which goes across many category areas and HFB’s and hence in order to harvest the synergies, is placed under Purchase Development, going across different areas as innovation team.

The portfolio is assigned and approved by Strategic Innovation Council and the team has the task of introducing innovations with strategic height into the IKEA offer – the innovations being new to IKEA materials and /or technologies. The portfolio is mainly focused on striking a healthy balance between affordability and sustainability as two of the three roads forward IKEA direction.

The Polymers portfolio works “hand in hand” with the Cross over renewable feedstock leadership as well as food innovation area – the reason being – whatever we do in the portfolio should address the “end to end” value chain from “feedstock e.g. plant based materials to the final product” – all with a focus on creating more sustainable solutions for the many people!

Job Description

The project leader assignment is an innovation focused role in the center of material and innovation development – polymers and food team, to create pre conditions for future comfort core IKEA offer which should be more sustainable for the many people.

Your assignment is to map, understand, analyze and conclude the future development partnership landscape for polyurethane foams from recycled and renewable sources. This means you play a crucial role to make our mattresses, sofa and upholstered chairs offer more sustainable from NOW till 2030!

You will be “spider in the web” – leading and coordinating different activities and working across a stakeholder map within and outside IKEA, at the same time will be well supported with the capabilities that already exist within the material and innovation development polymers & food team.

Your responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to:

• Mapping the existing potentials within the recycled & renewable solutions within the Polyurethane Foam materials for comfort applications

• Connecting with stakeholders inside and outside IKEA within the PU Foam technology field & based on the understanding developed in the mapping, analyze and conclude the right technology developers

• Drive the project(s) and complement the findings together with an external consultant, where needed

• Based on the discussions and development with shortlisted partners, work together with colleagues / stake holders in HFB’s and Category Areas to test and validate the solutions for scale up


We are looking for a person who is not afraid of the unknown and can work in a development environment, looking at long term goals and perspectives. We wish the person to lead this project will be a curios person, striving for innovation and development. To make the project work and reach the desired result, the communication skills and ability to bring people together and communicate an inspiring and clear message will be essential in this assignment.

More specifically, we wish that you:

• Have preferably a Master degree in Chemical engineering or at least Bachelor’s degree in the same engineering discipline (Masters / Bachelor’s in Chemistry is also acceptable as education qualification)

• Have minimum 10-12 years’ experience in product development / sourcing: working closely in a development team and exposed to working with development suppliers.

• Hold experience working with raw material suppliers will be an added advantage.

• Are a team player

• Strong communicator (clear and to the point communication, ability to bring people together and inspire with communication)

• Thrive at working in a dynamic team environment

• Are fun loving and challenging the known

• Even if your sweet spot is in known, can navigate in the unknown

• Are curious around new materials and process technologies

• Are quick learner

• Have techno-Commercial background which would an added advantage

Additional Information

Location for the role: IKEA of Sweden AB, Älmhult

Please note that this assignment is temporary for 2 years which we would want you to take as an opportunity to develop yourself in the exciting world of innovation!

If you have any question regarding the recruitment process and/or the position:

- Contact the Hiring Manager Puneet Trehan at +46 723527410

- Or contact the People & Culture Recruiter Kristyna Brabcova at +46733 427 586

We are looking forward to receiving your CV & Cover letter in English until October 1st 2020!

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