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Operations Worker

Mjuk Grup Ab · Stockholm · Ansök senast 24 sep. (2 dagar kvar)

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Mjuk is growing rapidly and is now seeking additional operations specialists to join our operations team in Stockholm. As an operations specialist you are Mjuk's first and often only physical contact with our users (buyers and sellers) and therefore the position carries a lot of responsibility in determining how well Mjuk is viewed by our users. As an operations specialist your main role is to handle the physical operations that Mjuk's service requires, both on the road and at the warehouse.

As a team we are constantly looking for ways to improve and we love to try out bold things all the time. We rely on our entire team to constantly try to improve and to come up with ways how we can make our service better. Mjuk as a company relies entirely upon a continuous flow of sellers and buyers and thus our number one core value is customer service excellence. It does not matter what your role is at Mjuk, everyone understands and breathes this one core value which is crucial in building a sustainable and growing marketplace. Therefore, going the extra mile in being friendly, proactive, and polite whenever interacting with our users is always expected. Finally, working at Mjuk is supposed to be fun and exciting and we hope that everyone brings a very positive team-spirit attitude to the table!

Key tasks and responsibilities

Furniture pick-up and delivery shifts
  • Two persons per shift that execute a 7-9-hour long route of delivering and picking-up furniture and other home décor pieces from Mjuk's sellers (avg 12 visits per shift)
  • Contacting all customers and sellers well prior to arrival and letting them know of any changes to the schedule (More communication always better than less!)
  • Handling all items with extreme care, at pick-up or delivery, during packaging, while loading and offloading is extremely important (items often very valuable)
  • Being friendly, professional, and polite with all customers at all times is expected
  • Solving simple problems during the shift and being proactive with contacting customer is very important as it is impossible to foresee all situations that might arise
Warehouse operations
  • Mjuk's warehouse consist of a loading and offloading zone, inspection area, studio and furniture storage area and as an operations specialist some of your shifts can be fully or partly at the warehouse
  • Normal tasks are furniture packaging for shipments handled by our partners, giving away furniture to customers that come to pick them up, receiving furniture from sellers, warehouse management and other ad-hoc warehouse and customer service tasks
  • Maintaining a good atmosphere, being helpful and polite with customers and helping Mjuk's personnel with a proactive approach is very important to maintain a well-functioning "open" warehouse
We hope that you
  • Have previous experience working for instance for moving companies, carrying sensitive items (e.g., furniture or art) organizing/packaging large items for transport, or working in a warehouse environment with large items
  • Have experience driving larger vans in a city environment and that you are a safe and diligent driver
  • Have experience working in some customer service-oriented positions where you have been in regular contact with customers
  • Are responsible, don't shy away from manual work, have a natural "Can Do" attitude and understand the importance of being kind and polite when interacting with customers
  • Are a fun person to spend time on the road with!
Founded: 05/2019
HQ: Helsinki, Finland
Work location: Stockholm area
Salary: Hourly salary
Position type: Shift based, number of shifts per month close to full time
Employment length: 6 months fixed term, possibility for full-time afterwards
Language requirements: Swedish, English is a plus
Other requirements: Driver's license, Previous moving, van driving or warehouse work experience plus

Please send your CV along with a short description of yourselves and past work experience in Swedish to with the subject "Operations Worker".

Please also specify for how long you would like to take shifts at Mjuk and how many shifts on average you would prefer to work on a weekly basis. We hire continuously persons to this position and thus there is no specified application period.

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