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Marketing intern _ EN&SE speaking · Helsingborg · Ansök senast 21 maj (53 dagar kvar)

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We are looking for a marketing intern to join our international team! We are Animals AI - an Agri-tech and impact start-up that specialized in AI applications in animal farming. We have developed a digital "Djurvakt" AI that empowers cows to express their needs to farmers in real-time so that farmers can make better decisions. We are a team coming from the background of AI, engineering, and animal farming. If you love animals, believe in the power of artificial intelligence, and share the belief that animal farming is an essential founding stone that can be optimized for better sustainability, please read on! We'll help you excel in your professional career in: - Market research and analysis; - Agile marketing and marketing automation; - Website design and content marketing such as newsletters, and SoMe; - Know-hows in general AI applications; If you tick more than 10 check boxes for these personal traits, you have 90% more chances to enjoy working with us: - You or your close relatives grow up on a cow farm; - You are digitally native, international-minded, and love to work with multiple cultures; - You are curious and always go one more step to search for unknown answers; - You are self-motivated, well organized, and respect schedules; - You prefer to either not do it or do it with your best efforts,(i.e. you might have Ds but also many As in your academic credits); - You prefer to be called a self-made woman/man; - You can put on your business dress/suit but can also work hands-on with mud, dirt, poops, and pees; - You hate to stay and work in one cube all the time; - You can make the conversation happen naturally with grandpas, aunties, and nephews; - You have self-learned at least 1 new skill for the past 18 months. - You believe in the power of enterprises in changing the world other than the politicians; - You see opportunities when others see challenges; - You have/had your own tiny business (ideas) or work hard on a part-time job to save for a goal; - You are the crazy one among your friends; - You are data-driven and sensitive with figures; Of course, there is a checklist of skills that makes you 'the one ': - On-going or finished education in relevant fields; - Master English and Swedish on a good level; both orally and in writing; - Skills such as driving license, WordPress, graphic design, and video editing, are bonuses; - Experience in livestock, IT, B2B marketing is merit. This team works flexibly long before the covid, but we do have office desks shared with the most innovative people in southern Sweden, located in Helsingborg, Lund, and Arlnarp. Your coffee and travel expenses are on us. ----If you are reading this line here, why don't you apply now?---

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