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We believe that privacy is fundamental to a well-functioning society where norms, ethics, and laws can safely be discussed and challenged. That same society cannot flourish and develop - nor can it exist - without privacy. This is why we provide a VPN service: because privacy is paramount, and apparently not only to us. The Mullvad VPN community is growing, and so are we. We believe in making internet censorship and mass surveillance ineffective, do you?

About the position as iOS developer
You will be part of the larger app development team (we're seven today), and more specifically, the newly formed mobile sub-team. This sub-team will focus on bringing new features to both iOS and Android. Features we already have on desktop, but also mobile only features. You will work mostly with the existing mobile developers, but of course also with the entire app team. The team work with open source software only. The entire app we are creating, and want your help to develop further, is available at

We are looking for you...
... who, like us, love to discuss how we could collect and store less, and rather delete more data. Does quality overthrow deadlines where you are today? Bring your profoundly curious mind for systems with a heavy focus on security and privacy.

Our four wishes:
  • Because, beside your beliefs: what we need most is iOS and Swift development skills. Our iOS app is a fully native Swift app recently written from scratch using the latest frameworks and APIs. The app targets iOS 12 or later only, so no legacy APIs are used.
  • You should know how to create UIs for the iPhone and iPad and how to develop more backend parts of an app as well.
  • The app creates the VPN tunnel with the help of wireguard-go, which is implemented in Golang. So knowledge of how to interact between languages (FFI) is a plus.
  • The team consists of people from various countries and backgrounds. So, you are expected to have good communication skills in English.
Why Mullvad VPN?
Privacy and freedom. As we breathe for the universal right to privacy, we also believe in life outside of work. We don't work 9 to 5, we work when, and where from, we want. From a friend's summer house one week to a team effort Monday to Thursday the week after. Plain and simple, you and the team decide when the work gets done. Furthermore, we allocate €500 annually in allowances toward wellness-related activities and offer opportunities for growth aside from company-initiated ones, for attending various national and international conferences (for now: only digitally). We are a bunch of diversified peeps: from vegans to Marathon runners, sport nerds to computer nerds. What unite us? Our very security- and privacy-focused company culture, that's highly influenced by a strong emphasis on no-blame culture. You want in?

This is an ongoing, full-time position that we hope to fill as soon as possible, so don't wait too long with your application written in English.

START: Right away

LOCATION: Gothenburg, Sweden

JOB HOURS: Full-time

CONTACT: Talent Manager Ellinor Hellberg, (for questions regarding the position, not applications)


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